Clear Acrylic Desk Partition, 18"H x 23"L (Hardware Included)

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Protect employees, students and clients from bacteria and viruses with this clear acrylic desk shield. The use of a sneeze guard partition will help protect your office and teaching staff as well as students and customers by preventing the transmission of droplets. Great for school and office desks, this cough guard will create ways for individuals to have meaningful face to face conversations while helping to mitigate the risks. Adjustable clamps can be easily loosened and remounted in a different location when different configurations are needed. For those in high demand environments in close proximity to others, this shield is a must have. This clear desk shield is transparent to allow first hand discussions essential for student achievement and may help lessen the emotional toll of social distancing. Enable staff and students alike to maintain personal interactions for a more enjoyable work and school day.

  • Acrylic Desk Shield
  • Antimicrobial to restrict the growth of bacteria
  • Use a neutral detergent to clean surface
  • Transparent dividers allow clean sightlines and safe communication
  • Glass like design allows light to pass for an open feel
  • Comes with all required installation hardware
  • Clamps adjust to fit most desktops or table tops
  • Ideal for teachers, students, office staff and any other environments that require close quarters
  • Overall Dimensions: 23"W x 0.25"D x 18"H
  • Item Weight: 4.7 lbs.

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